Personalised Yoga Sequence


Personalised Yoga Sequence

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I love to teach individuals with one on one yoga, which is the traditional way of teaching yoga. This is the optimal way to adapt yoga to the individual by having personalised session for your requirements, experience, limitations and needs.  However if you do not have the time to spend on face to face sessions, the next best thing is to use my expertise for your own Personalise Yoga Sequence designed just for you!

One on one yoga is suitable for beginners to advanced and just some of the benefits are:

THOSE NEW TO YOGA: learn the basics of yoga, feel comfortable to go into a classroom environment, opportunity to focus just on you.  

REGULARS/EXPERIENCED YOGIS: -deepen your practice with specific postures that interest you.  Allow for self development, improve your self-confidence in areas such as balance, backbends etc.

PHYSICAL INJURIES/LIMITATIONS OR OTHER CONDITIONS: Improve or recover from a physical health condition, Learn to manage an on-going health condition, Helps with women during different stages of life ie. infertility, pregnancy, menopause.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL:  Helps with stress/anxiety/mild depression, Greater concentration and memory skills, Increases vitality for work or study, Calms nerves and helps with increase everyday happiness, Helps heal emotional wounds when going through difficult situations.

SPORTS:  Improve performance in a particular sport, strengthen certain areas of body, stretch/relieve over-worked muscles.

Once the sequence has been designed, you can your play your sequences on any device so you can practice at home.

You will be asked to fill in a form for your areas of focus and any medical conditions I would need to know to design the sequence.

Each sequence will be designed to last approximately 45 minutes, but can be made longer (over 60 minutes) if holding poses for longer.

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