Yoga at your preschool, primary or secondary school promotes:
- health and wellness with the focus on the whole child, mind, body and spirit. 

Offering 3 levels of classes for children:
- Kids Yoga (4-8 year olds) 30 minute class

- Tweens (9-12 year olds) 45 minute class

- Teens (13-18 year olds) 60 minute class

Each class is adapted to the age of the children which will introduce the children to yoga in kids yoga, set the foundations  in tween yoga, and finally provide a full class for teens to help with their entire wellbeing.  Classes can include guided meditations, visualisations, games, partner work, breathwork, stretching, strengthening, relaxing and massage.

Just some of the Benefits of Yoga for Children
For the BODY:
- Helping with good posture and alignment

- Minimise injuries and improves performance

- Improves digestion, circulation and immunity

 - Creates body awareness and co-ordination

For the MIND:
- Calms and clears the mind, helps to relieve stress and anxiety

- Helps with memory, concentration and attention

- Allows students to be kind to themselves and others

- More mindful of their thoughts, words and actions

- Ability to relax and sleep better

For the SPIRIT:
- Builds confidence and self-esteem

- Allows students to be kind to themselves and respect others

- Supports individuality and self-expression

- Feeling connected to others

Just some of the Benefits of Yoga in your school:

- Creating and relaxing environment at the school

- Promoting health and wellness and focusing on the whole child, mind, body and spirit

- Encourages community within the school and an atmosphere of being connected to others

 - Students are more confident, positive and learn skills to be calm and balance their emotions

. - Yoga is non competitive, encourages respect for others and promotes anti-bullying

 - Encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle and connection of the body and mind