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WANT TO : Feel happier, more positive and able to handle tasks and stressful situations, more effectively?

Executive Zen online program is a 3-phase Yoga and Wellness program designed to maximise the effectiveness of teams, using quick “Energy” fixes over the three all-important stages of the day.

REST: During the work day when you are starting to feel sluggish, lacking of energy or stressed out with the workload.

REBALANCE: At the end of the workday when it is time to head home and have time with your loved ones, or attend and evening dinner.

RESTORE: Before going to sleep, or during the middle of the night when it is important to let go from stress and worry to feel rested for the next day.


Based over 3 weeks, you will receive a 30 minute tutorial (that you can pause if an important call comes through) covering specific, effective and easy yoga poses, meditations, breathing techniques and mindfulness tips specific to the time of the day. After the tutorial, you will also receive a weekly workbook to practice during the week at your convenience PLUS weekly encouragement to keep you on track.

TIME TO BREAK THE CYCLE and reap the benefits!

A fraction of the cost of Executive zen at your workplace or one on one’s, saving over $300

Great for those who are time poor (who isn’t) only need to commit 30 mins a week.

ONLY $149