Around three months to New Years Eve again, and chances are those bad habits that we resolved to say goodbye at the beginning of this year have stuck with us.  Don't wait until New Years Eve again to say goodbye to bad habits, embrace healthier new habits today!


Create a mental image (your own video with you being the main star!), and include as many details as possible.  With the visualisation us the scenario “as if”.  As if it has already occurred.  Picture it with all the senses activated, everything you will be seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and so forth.  For example, if you goal is to get fit and enter a fun run with your children – picture yourself feeling energetic and proud;  holding your children’s hands as you cross the finish line; hearing the cheers of the people on the sidelines; smelling the grass underneath you and seeing the beautiful views that you pass.


Make a routine in your life, replacing your old habits with your healthier new habits.  Planning this new routine is crucial for it’s success and realising it will take around a month to have these changes as part of your normal lifestyle.


Prepare for letting go of the bad habit with specific goals and include an outcome by a deadline date, and add in as many details as possible.  For example – I will stop screen time (TV, phone, Ipad) by 9pm each night and spend the hour between 9-10pm winding down with a book, bath, cup of herbal tea or meditation.  By 10pm I will have lights off to allow myself to fall asleep and have 8 hours of rest so I am refreshed for the next day ahead.


Yes, it will be hard to break those habits, but make sure you keep it fun in the process with rewards and activities.  For example, maybe you are letting go excess TV time and replacing with time to get fit for the upcoming summer.  Schedule in sessions at the gym or with a trainer, but also schedule in fun physical activities you can do with your kids or a friend, such as shooting hoops or going on a bushwalk.  Once you have reached your goal, treat yourself to a night away or afternoon getting a massage.


Keeping a diary is a great strategy for letting go of those bad habits, especially for the first 30 days until new habits become part of your daily routine.  Making notes will help keep you on track, allow you to notice how you are feeling, and be proud of yourself as you look back on how far you have come along.

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“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things”  Robert Brault

Live in the present:

If you are truly present in the moment (a human being rather a human doing!) you will feel pure joy, contentment, love and happiness.  Most of the time, we are so caught up in our thoughts of the past (memories) or the future (planning or worries) that we don’t just let ourselves be in the present moment.  Connect with the here and now, either with meditation or yoga, or simply doing something like running, painting or playing with children that lets you feel joy right now.

Be part of the big picture:

Gratitude allows you to realise that you are part of this big, beautiful world.  Also, you get to see the big picture of where you are in your life, and take time to celebrate and appreciate the milestones along the way.  Enjoy the journey and let go of the planning on the destination.

Make a reverse bucket list:

Maybe you have written a bucket list – a list of what you want to achieve before you die.  However, have you taken the time to write a reverse bucket list?  Spend some time to reflect and write down all the amazing adventures you have had; the great people you have met along the way; your accomplishments; your goals you have achieved and places you have visited.  Take a moment to do this and feel proud of your life and grateful for everything it has given you so far.

Write it down:

Keep a diary (or a small notebook) by your bed and spend a few minutes each day to write down 3 things that you are grateful for.  You might like to do this first thing in the morning or last thing at night before going to sleep.  It should be easy to name the obvious such as your relationships, your job and home.  However, also write down the areas of your life that you take for granted such as the ability to see, drinkable water out of the tap and hearing birds singing in your back garden.

Reap the rewards:

There are so many benefits to practicing gratitude as part of your everyday life.  It has been shown to reduce stress; improve our relationships; have a more positive outlook on life; improve our sleep; complain less and keep the doctors at bay with better coping mechanisms and management of illnesses.

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1)      EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Fibre not only fills us up, but also takes longer for the body to process and provides energy for longer.  Fill up on your favourite 5 a day vegetables and fruits, and reap the reward of the vitamins and nutrients as well.

2)      STOP COMPLANING:  Be the glass half full person with a positive outlook, guaranteed to uplift your mood.

3)      TAKE A MINI BREAK TO STRETCH:  Get out of the chair, off the computer, and have a stretch.  It doesn’t need to be long, just a few minutes can make a big difference.  Release out the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back where most of the tension is often held with some rolls of the shoulders, twists looking over each shoulder, and stretching the arms over the head.

4)      KEEP DRINKING THAT WATER:  Being slightly dehydrated can cause lack of energy and simply having a regular glass of water throughout the day can alleviate this.  Also, avoiding excess caffeine and sugary drinks, which can often leave you more thirsty in the long run.

5)      GET OUTSIDE:  If your office is inside, try to step out in the sunshine and fresh air during the day.  Take some deep breaths and look at some greenery or even up at the sky.  Also bring some outside in, with a fresh plant on or near your desk.

As well as these tips, regular Yoga and Meditation can greatly help give a boost of energy and uplift your mood.  Request a quote for Corporate Yoga and Wellness programs to your workplace, or more details on my signature program Executive Zen – for a Happier, Healthier Team.





Mindfulness at Work

What is mindfulness at work? 

It is simply being mindful of whatever you do while at work.

It is becoming more common to have mindfulness programs (including Yoga and Meditation) to

the modern work environment.

“One of the reasons mindfulness at work is becoming popular is because we need it more than ever before,” explains clinical psychologist and mindfulness expert Dr Paula Watkins. “Our brains are craving it.”

Here are four easy ways to bring mindfulness into your day to day modern work life.

*Taking on a meditation practice.  You don't need to sit for an hour cross legged to gain the benefits of meditation.  Even 5 minutes engaging in a guided meditation can make a huge difference to your mind.  For a FREE 5 minute meditation, download at https://www.heidihorne.com.au/home 

*While at your laptop/work desk, take time to notice your posture.  Are you hunched and tensed, is your face tight and jaw clenched?  What can you let go off?  

*Plan your day ahead.  Set intentions at the beginning of the day for positive outcomes, and how you will deal with any problems that will arise.  Notice your reaction to situations that come up during the day by being mindful of your emotions.

*Practice deep breathing.  When you feel stressed, emotional, tired or tense during the workday, take a few minutes to have some deep breaths.  Try to make the exhale longer and deeper than the inhale, for example - count to 4 slowly on the inhale and count to 8 slowly on the exhale.  Notice the change you feel after doing this, and release any unwanted emotions and thoughts.

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