I love a Balance Yoga Pose, especially when I have a million things in my mind. On the days I am feeling busy and stressed out, it can really help calm that mind and allow me to be in the moment.

They have great practical benefits such as increasing strength and flexibility and working with the core and posture. However, try balancing when you are thinking about the email you forgot to send or what you are cooking for dinner and you will not last very long!

We all know that change is a part of life. One day you are great at dancer pose, the next day you are wobbling all over the place. Balance poses are a great way of checking in with yourself and having an emotional check as well. Good way of letting go of expectations that you put on yourself as well. Remember yoga is all about listening to your body (how it is today, not yesterday) and leaving your ego at the door.

To hold a difficult balance pose, you need to keep your gaze on a certain point and just breathe. This is a good lesson for life as well. Often (especially as women) we love to multi-task and make ourselves super busy. We believe we are getting lots done, however, sometimes we need to STOP and focus on one thing at a time with our full attention. Same goes for our relationships. Put down the phone when we are at the café with a friend, or spend time to look at your child when they are talking to you.

Be still and be in the moment. Your body and mind will thankyou for it.