1)      EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Fibre not only fills us up, but also takes longer for the body to process and provides energy for longer.  Fill up on your favourite 5 a day vegetables and fruits, and reap the reward of the vitamins and nutrients as well.

2)      STOP COMPLANING:  Be the glass half full person with a positive outlook, guaranteed to uplift your mood.

3)      TAKE A MINI BREAK TO STRETCH (OR BOOK IN SOME CORPORATE YOGA):  Get out of the chair, off the computer, and have a stretch.  It doesn’t need to be long, just a few minutes can make a big difference.  Release out the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back where most of the tension is often held with some rolls of the shoulders, twists looking over each shoulder, and stretching the arms over the head.

4)      KEEP DRINKING THAT WATER:  Being slightly dehydrated can cause lack of energy and simply having a regular glass of water throughout the day can alleviate this.  Also, avoiding excess caffeine and sugary drinks, which can often leave you more thirsty in the long run.

5)      GET OUTSIDE:  If your office is inside, try to step out in the sunshine and fresh air during the day.  Take some deep breaths and look at some greenery or even up at the sky.  Also bring some outside in, with a fresh plant on or near your desk.

As well as these tips, regular Yoga and Meditation can greatly help give a boost of energy and uplift your mood.  Request a quote for Corporate Yoga and Wellness programs to your workplace, or more details on my signature program Executive Zen – for a Happier, Healthier Team. 0421326046