HOW TO BOOST YOUR TEAM’s PRODUCTIVITY AND MORALE, AND YOUR COMPANY’S BOTTOM LINE (Without stressing everyone out, racking up long hours, or re-charging with triple shot expressos!)

Are you or your team suffering from the typical executive lifestyle?

Struggling with a workload that’s endlessly demanding and energy draining?

Suffering from bad eating habits, seriously sleep deprivation and unable to switch off?

There is another way.

Learn how to use Yoga in the workplace to help you and your team become a powerhouse at work, and enjoy more well-being and balance in every aspect of your life.

Healthy employees are productive employees!

Yoga and meditation classes are now positive additions to the corporate lifestyle.

In fact, many Fortune 500 companies have now embraced health and wellbeing practices as part of their culture to boost employee morale and maximise performance.

The proven results of yoga in the workplace, help businesses save money by reducing stress leave, illness and staff turnover.

As a result, healthy employees are much happier, more positive and able to handle tasks and stressful situations, more effectively

How it works

We bring yoga to your workplace! Our qualified instructor comes to your office and guides your team through a series of simple, yet effective yoga exercises, without them having to step out the door.

The class includes asanas (poses), breathing techniques, relaxation methods and short guided meditations that will leave them feeling focused, re-energised and motivated to take on their day!

In addition they will learn poses they can use anytime (and anywhere) throughout the workday - including at their desk, computer screen or daily commute,

Just some of the benefits include

Less physical tension, aches, pain and fatigue

Improved mental alertness, memory and focus

Effective decision making

Higher productivity and performance

Reduced stress and anxiety

More energy and sense of well-being

An overall boost in company morale, sense of community and team bonding

Who is corporate yoga for?

You don’t need to be a large company to offer a Corporate Yoga Program. Your corporate yoga program is tailored to your needs and designed to fit around your team’s schedule and workplace environment. What’s more the classes are suitable for any level of fitness and beneficial to both beginners or experienced yoga students.

Ready to welcome easy, flow and more results for your team?

Contact Heidi today and use yoga to create a more positive and productive workplace. 0421326046