Yoga and Meditation in the Workplace

Success and influential companies are turning to yoga as a means to improve and manage their staff’s health, motivation and focus.

Yoga and meditation classes are positive additions to the corporate lifestyle and have been proven to help businesses save money by reducing stress leave, illness and staff turnover. Healthy employees are happier, more positive and able to handle more effectively stressful situations. 

A corporate yoga class run by Heidi, will not only include asanas (poses) but also breathing techniques, relaxation and short guided meditations.  In addition poses will be shown that can be used throughout the workday at your desk and computer screen.

Benefits include:

·         Less tension in the physical body and improved mental alertness and better memory

·         Ability to help with decision making and productivity

·         Reduce stress and anxiety

·         More productive and energetic employees

·         Boost company morale

·         Promote a sense of workplace community

You don’t need to be a large company to offer a corporate health program.  Sign up today and use yoga to create a more positive and productive workplace.

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