Ask, Believe, Receive - Create Positive Affirmations

It is said that you have over 50,000 thoughts in one day, and many are repeated over and over and are often the negative ones.

Take time to notice how you talk to yourself, your internal dialogue.  Is your mind your best friend or worst enemy?

Some great quotes I love are:

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”  Gandhi

“The mind is a beautiful servant or a dangerous master” Osho

Setting positive thoughts and believing in the power of affirmations are a way to achieving your goals and your life's purpose.

Taking time each day to let go of the pessimism and the doubt, and replace with specific and action goals that I believe in.  This is helped with repeating the affirmation many times in the mind and also visualising the achievement of the goals.

Let go of the negative thoughts and take time each morning (make it a daily habit on rising) to replace with a positive affirmation.

Take out the words - no, not or never and embrace the "new you".  Some simple affirmations can be: "I shall succeed"; "I am calm and in control"; "I am happy and healthy"; "All is well and life is heading in the right direction" or simply make up your own.

Ask, Believe, Receive!