Get upside down and enjoy the benefits!

I love getting upside down with yoga poses (also known as inversions).

Yes, there are the ones everyone thinks of when the word inversions crops up - Handstands and Headstands.  However you can go upside down in many other ways, that are more gentle for the body such as wide leg forward bend, down dog, standing forward folds, legs up the wall and many more.  These give the great benefits of inversions without jumping into an intense pose such as handstand.

So why do I love getting upside down so much, and what are the benefits? There are many awesome results from going into these poses, and here are my top 3 for you today.

1) Energy Boost: Feeling that 3pm slump coming on and need and energy kick to keep you going?  Instead of reaching for that chocolate biscuit or coffee, get yourself upside down which will bring blood to the brain allowing you to feel fresh and revitalised.

2) Release Stress and Clear Mind: Inversions are great for quieting the mind and therefore clearing it and releaseing stress.  They require your full attention and keep you in the present moment (rather than thinking about the past or planning for the future).  The brain is also receiving more oxygen and blood, which will help improve concentration and memory.

3) Increased Immunity:  In my business, keeping healthy every day is paramount in order for me to function (as well as being a mother, wife, netball get the picture!).  The lymphatic system (a major player in keeping healthy) is greatly helped along with the result of being upside down.  The lymph nodes eliminate the toxins and bacteria in our body keeping us in tip top shape.

I can offer Corporate Yoga at your workplace or personal One on One yoga at your home (see links in my website under Work With Me) to enjoy all the benefits yoga can offer your body and mind.