Let go of that Stress in your life!

We need stress for our lives as it helps with our survival and also learning and our creativity.  However it is harmful when it’s in high levels and becomes out of balance and overwhelming.  Stress is a factor in most people’s life today – mums with children, high pressure jobs, as well as how fast and busy our lives are these days. Many people in modern life are suffering from a nervous system that is out of balance due to high levels of stress and using relaxation and yoga techniques can help with this.

There are many wonderful poses, breath exercises (pranayama) and also relaxation techniques I could talk about.  I have chosen a couple of my favourites, easy and simple ones that anyone can use.

Using affirmations is a great way to add some positive thoughts in the mind and help cope with stress in your life.  Use words that build you up, not put you down that are always positively phrased.   For example, saying short phrases such as “I am calm and in control” or “I work well under pressure”.

Trying out some balance poses allows you to physically connect with the ground and mentally feel more grounded.  It is hard to balance when your mind is jumping from one thought to another, so it allows you to practice mindfulness and creating a decluttered mind.  Try tree pose for starters.  Standing on one foot with the other foot against the ankle, calf or inner thigh and bring the hands in prayer pose.  Hold for 5-10 breaths on each foot.  Keep a gentle gaze on a point on the floor (hint, something that is not moving).

For more ways to work on stress in your workplace or everyday life, check out my corporate yoga or one on one yoga sessions in Work With Me at www.heidihorne.com.au.