Recently I have been leading sessions at various companies around Sydney for Mental Health week and Wellness months.  Wellness in the workplace is important for many reasons, and should be a focus all year round to help with relieving stress and creating more energy.

The executive lifestyle is demanding and energy draining, and many employees are sleep deprived, high levels of stress and feeling burnt-out.

Studies have shown that people who are happy and connected in their workplace have higher levels of productivity, sales, accuracy, work/life balance and overall health.

Some easy ways to add mindfulness and stress relief in the work place is to:

*Stop and break (90-120 minutes) – stand up, have a glass of water, stretch the legs.

*Let go of tension in the body – add some easy chair yoga poses to release tight muscles in the shoulders, neck and upper back.

*Pay attention to your breath – deep breathing can help at the times we are feeling stressed, emotional, tired and tense.

*Plan day ahead – plan at the beginning of the day with positive thoughts on how you want day to pan out for you.  Set up the positive outcomes with affirmations and intentions that you can come back to during the day when needed.

*Add some mini meditations – these can just be a few minutes in length but have big results.  I love to use short meditations through-out my day.  For a free 5 minute meditation download, see link on my website

*Notice your posture – during the day take time to notice your posture.  Are you hunched, tense or tight in the shoulders, jaw and face.  Take a few deep breaths and release out these areas and let go.


For corporate Yoga and Wellness at your workplace, please see website or contact me at for more information or a quote for your company.