How about some Christmas calm to balance out the Christmas cheer?

Christmas is considered one of the most stressful times of the year, even though it is meant to be our festive season.  You are not alone if you feel addition stress in the lead up to Christmas and the New Years Eve.  We may experience extra social activities, pressure of beating the crowds at the shops and extra family expectations.  In addition to this this too much food and drinks, not enough sleep and the pressure to catch up with everyone before the end of year.

Add this to the already existing stress you may experience all year round.  The typical executive life is often demanding and energy draining with poor eating habits, high levels of stress, feeling sleep deprived and unable to switch off.

Why not treat your workplace to a one off Yoga or meditation session for some Christmas Zen.  From 30 minute sessions, which will help you clear your mind, create some calm, give you an energy boost and release tension and stress in the body.

It is not too late to book in a session at your workplace before the end of year.  Alternatively, look into starting 2018 with a healthy outlook and book in a weekly class – we come to you!

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