Hi, I'm Heidi Horne - Yoga and Wellness Coach

I believe that there's more to wellness than perfecting a downward dog pose, hours of tribal chanting, or consuming a mountain of kale.  

Instead, I believe happy, healthy living is about putting back the balance, relaxation and laughter into your life, so you can feel wonderful everyday. That's why I'm passionate about inspiring everyday people (like you!),  feel healthier, happier and more positive, by guiding them to create their own journey to optimal health.

I love helping corporate teams suffering from the typical executive life that is demanding and energy draining , high level of stress, sleep deprived and unable to switch off in my Corporate Yoga and Wellness programs to create Happier, Healthier and more Productive Teams.

I'm living my best life and would love helping you to do the same!

There's a lot I love and want to share with others -  natural health and wellbeing, yoga and fitness, travel and adventures, laughing and fun, being inspired and inspiring others  - AND it's my dream to combine it all together!

Through my regular wellness workshops, yoga classes and intensives, luxury weekend retreats, private/corporate sessions and one on one yoga /wellness coaching, I love teaching people how to combine modern living with the 5 pillars of balance (right exercise, right breathing, right thinking, right relaxation and right nutrition) so they feel more energetic, positive and in control.




My yoga journey began over 25 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.  I loved the feeling yoga created in my physical body, how it calmed my monkey brain (jumping from one thought to another) and how at the end of each class I would feel on top of the world.
My love for travel and adventure has taken me around the world, working and exploring, and my yoga practice has joined along the way. I have been teaching classes for over 10 years in Australia, England and Samoa.
As a mum to two young children (who also love practicing yoga with me!), I understand the importance of balance in our busy lives, and using yoga to create a strong, healthy body, as well as a calm, relaxed mind.
My passion for yoga and wellness allows me to share my knowledge with my students, aims to guide others to connect the body, mind and spirit, as well as creating a balanced and joyful life.
I have been described as passionate, energetic, happy and positive, and love to inspire people to live their best life in optimum health through yoga and wellness.
My qualifications include: Dip Yoga Teaching (1000+hours), Dip Aromatherapy, Dip Remedial Massage and Therapies and Level 1 and 2 Wellness Coaching.


To give people adventures, life changing moments and experiences.  

I want to make people feel amazing as they let go of the groundhog  mundane life and make the everyday extraordinary and fun.  Allow people to make changes and tweaks to their lives to feel happier, more positive and healthier with my wellness workshops, yoga retreats, one on one coaching and corporate programs and events.

I look to the future as opening up to everyone the amazing benefits of yoga and wellness, and by leading a healthy balance life .  My vision is to create amazing fun events, signature wellness retreats, workshops and online programs to reach to a wider community of people wanting to live their best life right here and now.

I see myself creating my own charity which will provide free yoga and wellness programs to children of Australia and provide the new generation with a healthy and happy future.

I have been practising Yoga under Heidi’s guidance for 3 years now and look forward to it every time. She teaches with clear instructions, differing levels of difficulty and heaps of variety. Yoga has made such a difference to my strength, flexibility and ability to breathe consciously, that I find myself recommending it to many of my patients.
— Dr Louise Tulloh Sport and Exercise Physician