5 Easy 5 Minute Meditations for Everyday

I would love to share some of my favourite techniques to fit the benefits of meditation into your busy day.   These simple meditations below can be used to quieten the mind, even if you only have 5 minutes and even if you are a beginner! There are many different types of meditation you can try until you find one that best suits you.  It is a little like sport, there are so many types of sports you often have to try what suits you the best at that moment in your life. It is so important in our busy lives of planning and working towards the future that we take the pleasure of the here and now, using breathing, relaxation exercises to ease into mediative state.   Enjoy! 



When we use walking meditation we are developing mindfulness in an everyday practice, the process of walking itself.  We are able to let go of two areas that sometimes distract us when lying or sitting in meditation of: feeling too sleepy, or the other extreme of feeling too active in the mind. With walking meditation, we allow ourselves to slow the walking down and being fully aware as we notice each step and movement, as well as observing our senses, such as what we can see and hear. This meditation is best on a set path that is reasonable flat and level and in a straight line.  Choose a start point and end point.  Best done outside and barefoot with hands just resting in front of body and walking at a slow and relaxed pace. 


Sit in a quiet place and be mindful of your breathing.  Once the mind is calm and present, open your eyes and study the object.  I like to use something like a candle or a beautiful flower.  The object should be small enough so you do not have to move the head, as well as large enough so you do not have to strain your eyes. Keeping your back straight and breath slow and deep, observe the object in detail.   For example, notice the edges of the object, how the light falls on the object and the colours of the object.  Simple observe without judgement and try not to label what you see. After a few minutes, allow your eyes to closer for a number of breaths before coming out of the meditation.


This is one of my meditations that I am able to do while waiting in a car, or other moments throughout the day when I have around 5 minutes. Sitting comfortably with the spine straight, allow the eyes to close and work towards your breathing.  Moving back from the sounds you hear, back to your breath.  Moving back from the sensations in your body, back to your breath.  Moving back from the thoughts in your mind, back to the breath. Then slowly count backwards from 50 to 1, saying the number slowly on the exhale breath. You will approximately do 10 rounds of breath (if slowly) in one minute, so you will know that this will take you around 5 minutes in total. Keep going until you reach all the way to number 1.  Take a moment, keep the mind clear and open the eyes to come out of meditation. 


When you wake up in the morning, use this time before you jump out of bed to set a positive intention for the day.  Setting positive intentions such as love, gratitude, respect and kindness can be a powerful practice as it is the first step to receiving what you want in your life. Our intentions and our thoughts in our mind, create our reality.  By focusing your mind on a specific intention during meditation, you are bringing it to your mind, and in turn becomes our reality. Stay in a relaxed position while in your bed and allow your breath to deepen.  Allow the inhale and exhale to lengthen and then add your intention work or words like “be strong”, “I am calm” or “happy and healthy” to the flow of the breath. After a few minutes, allow the intention to leave the mind, knowing that you can say it in your mind throughout the day when you need it.


Some of the happiest people know that practicing gratitude is a way to keep you positive and fill you with joy.  Gratitude meditation is a simple way that will keep you feeling great throughout the day.  Come into a comfortable seated or lying position,  and once you have become relaxed in the body and mind, allow images and words to come into your mind and heart of what you are grateful for in your life.  Taking notice of how it feels in your body an how your energy feels.  Give it a chance to come up naturally, not forcing it in any way.  Some areas of your life will come up easily to be grateful for, however also feel thankful for other areas that we take for granted such as the ability to hear and running water.